The Best 10 Ways To Save Money

The tips on this page are about 10 ways to save money. I hope that you enjoy this information and put some cash in your pocket from it.

The Tips About 10 Ways To Save Money

1. Cheap Gas Prices - When you get a chance, go on-line and search these words. First, type out your cities name and then cheap gas prices. For example, in New York, I would type New York cheap gas prices. A great deal of information comes up there.

2. Check Air Filter - Check the air filter in your car, when it gets too dirty, you could be wasting gas because the air is not getting filtered correctly to the engine.

3. Cell Phone Usage - Look at the different cell phone plans you have to pick from. Compare the minutes you use on a monthly basis. Look at this with wisdom. Most of the time, even if you are under a contract your cell phone provider won’t charge you for downgrading your minute plan. Just call and ask this question before you make the switch.

4. Sign-up for e-bill pay – Ask your bank if they have free e-bill pay via your bank account on-line. This will save you gas from going to the post office and stamps.

5. Food Coupons – Start to look at those ads that come in the mailbox for saving on food. Believe me, your savings can add up over time.

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6. Smoking – If you smoke, think about quitting. This is an expensive habit, plus when you smoke you are basically killing yourself. If you need help, find a program. When you change your habits, you change your life.

7. Cable Bill – How much time do you seriously watch TV? Look at the cable bill and see the next plan that is cheaper. You can just cancel all together and SAVE all that money in a bank, then watch it grow.

8. The Gym – Look at your bill per month, see if they are other gyms closer to your house and cheaper. If there are well you make that decision.

9. Cloth Shopping – Once again, look at those ads that come in the mailbox. If you need clothes, see which ones are on sale. Compare the prices to other stores via the ads. You can also go online and see the sales.

10. Car insurance – Compare your bill per month to other insurance quotes with the same amount of insurance or more insurance. You can also go on-line for this and check out different quotes. I think it is better if you call and talk with a representative from the on-line company you found, then get a quick quote on-line.

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