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My name is J Rudd. Thank you for taking the time to visit

I help people to understand their personal financial situations and find solutions to their financial difficulties and challenges.

I've written two books: How To Get Off The Financial Tight Rope and What You Must Know About: Debt and Saving Money.

If you would like to purchase the book How To Get Off The Financial Tight Rope The price is a small $5.77. I strongly believe that your knowledge about money will increase therefore helping you with future financial decisions. Plus, the information you learn at the price of only $5.77 is more then well worth it.

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I have a unique way of teaching people about money. I show people the way to reach their goals with the use of focusing and coming up with a plan for their financial problems that is one of the reasons I created this website.

I'm a problem solver with a passion for helping people to understand money. If there's one lesson I would teach everybody who arrives at this website, it's this: There are always more options than you thought. Don't give up!  

Mission Statement

  • Mission - Helping people get the foundation of a financial education.
  • Foundation - In order to move to the next level with money, one must understand and apply the basics first.
  • Financial Knowledge - Sharing critical financial knowledge with people is important. Telling people what they need to hear is much better than telling them what they want to hear. The truth sometimes hurts.
  • Understanding People - One of the greatest needs of people in today's economy is to understand How Money Really Works with financial solutions.
Thanks For Your Time and Bless You,

J Rudd

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