The Best California Debt Consolidation Tips

Alot of people are interested in getting tips about information for California debt consolidation. This page is a little bit different than that. If you decide to keep reading, you will learn a few tips about what to do with your money. Money is not as complicated as it may seem. I know that sounds crazy, put money is really only a bunch of numbers. The reason people get confused about money and get in debt is because the numbers confuse them. Why is this, because most people simply do not write down what they are going to spend, how much they spent, and how much did the item really cost them if they used a credit card to buy the product.

So, are you ready for me to reveal some great tips about money to help you with your California debt consolidation loan? Alright, here we go.

Tip 1. Keep Track of Your Money (The Basis of Budgeting)

It all starts with a budget, most people do not want to hear that. If you look at reality, money needs to be managed. If it is not managed correctly, the more of it gets spent. To start a budget, write out your income and expenses on a sheet of paper. You can also obtain "free" budget sheets by going here - Free Budget Sheet. That is one of my gifts to you, just for reading this far. This budget sheet should help you with your California debt consolidation loan.

Try to write out a budget every time there is an income source coming in. If you get paid every two weeks, write a new budget out and pay attention to it. Try as hard as possible not to get out of the boundaries of the budget. If you want to test a budget try it for two months. You should begin to see that you now have more control of where your money goes. Then, you will be on your way to financial stability.

Tip 2. Set-Up an Emergency Fund

If an emergency happens for example, a flat tire or the car needs to be worked on and there is no small emergency money set aside, most people might turn to a credit card. This is what you want to avoid! Don’t create more debt when the situation should have been paid for with cash. Paying cash for small emergencies eliminates the worrying of getting into more debt. Makes sense right?

Setting up an emergency fund is critical to the understanding of money. The emergency fund should consist of between $500 to $1000. Try saving $1000 can come in handy when a real small emergency happens. I am pretty sure they did not mention this when you took out your California debt consolidation loan.

How do you set up an emergency fund? Keep your current bank account(s) that you have now, but open a separate saving or checking account from another bank just for the emergency fund. If you have direct deposit, have a portion of your paycheck go into this separate account every time you are paid. This will help you mentally get your eyes off of that money and will allow the money to build up over a period of time. That is why I recommend opening a spate account at another bank. Makes sense right?

If you spend the emergency money on an EMERGECNY ONLY be sure to add that money back to get your emergency fund as soon as possible. This also will help to back on track.

Major Tips About Money

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