Credit Card Debt Consolidation Services

Have you ever you used a company that has credit card debt consolidation services for people who have too much debt? There are a lot of companies that have these types of services. If you want to look for companies that offer this type of service, start with the companies you already have credit cards with.

Look at your recent bill or statement and call the number listed. If you do not have a bill or statement you can always check the back of the credit cards for a number. By calling that number, the representative should be able to direct you to the right number. Lastly, you can always go to the Internet to look up the company’s number as well. Before you call the credit card companies you want to be prepared with the following questions.

Calling Tips

1. Have a pen and paper handy to write down the answers that the company gives you.

2. State that you are a customer and are inquiring if the company offers debt consolidation services.

3. Ask what type of debt you can consolidate. Examples are credit cards, personal loans, etc.

4. Ask about how much the interest rate is on the consolidated loans.

5. Ask the total amount of debt you can consolidate.


After you obtain all the information you need, compare the different credit card debt consolidation services that each company offers. This information will include the company name, the type of debt the company will consolidate, the interest rates and the total amount of debt they are willing to consolidate.

When you find the company you like, ask to make an appointment. But, before you make that appointment, have the following information on hand for the credit card debt consolidation company you are about to call. You will learn a few more tips before you make that call to make the transactions smoother.

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