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Are you in the process of finishing college and looking for a debt consolidation loan because of your student status? Have no fear, even if you do not have a job yet, this does not mean that the loan company will not work with you. The company that you borrowed from is in the business to make money, not lose it.

Therefore, the best thing you can do now is to plan ahead accordingly. The student loan company knows that you went to college to obtain a better education and get ahead when it comes to your career. That is why they want to work with you. Below are some steps you can take to get the loans you have in order and have a peaceful mind. So, get a pen and piece of paper out for this information.


Step 1. Call the student loan company and ask the following questions.

Step 2. Verify the information with the company for your account first.

Step 3. Once you are verified, ask the company how many loans you currently have.

Step 4. Obtain the total amount with the interest rates, write the information down.

Step 5. Now ask how you can consolidate the loans into one payment.

Step 6. Explain that you do not have a job yet, ask is it possible to defer the payments.

Step 7. If the company agrees to this - bingo, you have just bought time.

Most student loan companies will work with you and set-up a payment schedule for deferred payments. Remember this, if you never ask, you will never know the answer. Therefore, be brave and ask questions. It is so simple, it is just plan asking. Unfortunately, they do not teach this much needed basic skill in college. Here are some words of encouragement in the mean time, "keep on moving forward, becuase that is what life is about" - author unknown.

I hope that this information about debt consolidation loans and your student status has helped you. I hope the best for you to prosper well with your life.

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