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Before you graduate you should condider applying for a private student loan debt consolidation. A loan officer should make this process easy once you find the right loan. The best way to start is to call the company that you have your student loans with and ask them how you can consolidate the loans into one payment.

Going to college and getting a degree can be expensive in today’s world. If you have loans you have to be monitor the debt that is building up otherwise, you could be paying alot of money later.

There is a ton of money to be saved when making only one payment per month with a fixed interest rate per year versus several payments and different interest rates.

Loan Examples

Example A - 5 loans at an interest rate of 10% for 20 years


Example B - 5 loans consolidated into 1 loan at an interest rate of 7% for 20 years

You can clearly see the difference here of the amount of loans and the interest rate. If you chose to, you could even pay the extra amount of money that you were going to pay at the 10% interest rate loans to the 7% interest rate loan. Therefore, you would get out of debt faster.

Don’t forget to plan a few months ahead and cal the company to take care of your private student loan debt consolidation. Once you get this process taken care of, you are well on your way to understanding the process of money.

I just hope one day they would give a class to people who have financed their education. Therefore, it would be easier for people to star and understand money more.

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