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If you're considering student loan debt consolidation, then you're probably a recent graduate with a sizable debt load on your plate.

Competition for jobs is no picnic and to get those loans paid for you need the right answers.

No matter how good your education, it's quite normal to feel frustrated about finances. Unfortunatly, learning about money in college is not one of the "Major's" they focus on. Especially right before graduatation.

Ironically, the very people who informed you that going to college is the way to a better life probably did not sit down with you and explain that college is not going to be cheap.

But that's okay. You're an adult now, responsible for your own decision-making. Like all other adult problems, debt is something that can be dealt with. The first step is to educate yourself on several key points:

  • What your actual position is
  • What options are open to you
  • The consequences of not meeting your required payment schedule
  • How you can negotiate with your lender, or lenders, or seek student loan debt consolidation

Begin At The Beginning.

Your first job is to assess your exact situation. How much do you owe, to which organizations, and at what the annual percentage rate (APR) is.

Make a list of all your outstanding student loan debts on a fresh notepad. Organize it like this:

Name of organization/s you borrowed from
Total balance of your loan
APR (annual interest rate)
Current payment/s
Day of the month each payment is due

This information will help you to assess your cashflow, and you will be able to see whether your payments could be consolidated with a fresh loan.

Armed with this information, you will quickly be able to work out whether you can afford making your existing payments or you need to consolidate.

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